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Ask away followers

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Please ask me questions from my last post or in general !!!

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Send me numbers!
1. What house will you be in?
2. If the sorting hat was on you and it said you'd be great in a house you didn't consider before, will you follow his advice or choose what house you want?
3. What kind of animal would you bring to school?
4. If you were in class, where would you normally sit?
5. What do you think you'll be doing right now?
6. What's the core of your wand?
7. Do you think you'll be part of the quidditch team?
8. Will you be part of any organization???
9. Will you go home during holidays?
10. Do you think you'll have friends from other houses?
11. What will you pack for school?
12. How about when going home for holidays, what will you bring home?
13. Would you consider studying in another wizarding school?
14. Do you think you'll be a prefect or head girl/boy?
15. Are you going to be a pure-blood or half-blood or muggle-born?
16. Will you be related to any wizarding family?
17. Will you be a student who gets into trouble a lot?
18. Do you think you'll get a lot of detention? For what reason/s?
19. On hogsmeade visits, what shops will you go to?
20. Will you be supportive of your house's quidditch team?
21. Will you read Hogwarts: A History?
22. Do you think you'll get a lot of letters from home? How frequent do you think you'll get them?
23. Will you subscribe to the daily prophet or the quibbler or other wizarding world media?
24. Which part of the castle will be your favorite?
25. When sleeping in your dormitory, will your four-poster bed's curtains be drawn or closed?
26. If the team your house played against wins, do you think you'll be bitter towards the other team after the game?
27. Do you think you'll be a fan of wizard music?
28. Will you be curious enough to try and explore the whole castle, even if you know you can get in trouble for visiting some parts of it?
29. How frequent will your visits to the library be?
30. If someone was to form an organization similar to dumbledore's army, will you join?
31. If you were to get detention, what task would you prefer? Would you want to scrub cauldrons or clean trophies or sort through unlabeled books or…?
32. On your o.w.l.s, what subject/s will you get an O in? Which ones do you think you’ll get a T on?
33. How about in your n.e.w.t.s?
34. If you were a pure-blood, would you take interest in reading muggle literature?
35. At what time do you think you'll go to bed on weekdays?
36. Would you prefer firewhiskey over butterbeer?
37. What wizard snack would be your favorite? Or which one would you like to try?
38. Will you collect chocolate frog cards?
39. Will you keep track of which flavor of beans you already tried?
40. What quidditch team (excluding hogwarts houses) will you support?
41. What classes will you take for n.e.w.t.s?
42. What will your boggart be?
43. Will you stay in the hog’s head or the three broomsticks?
44. If you are of age, will you try to enter the triwizard tournament if they ever host one again?
45. What do you think happens during graduation?
46. Will you see the thestrals carrying the carriages?
47. If you were invited to join the slug club, will you accept the invitation?
48. Will you consider becoming a professor in hogwarts after school?
49. What would your patronus be?
50. What memory will you think of when making a patronus?
51. What year are you suppose to be in right now?
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Pretty please follow onceuponahelenaist.tumblr.com

It’s my other account and it would mean a lot

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HQ: Jennifer Lawrence for Vanity Fair Magazine Photoshoot 2013.

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Anonymous whispered: number of followers?

4117 amazing followers

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Jared Leto Explains Jennifer Lawrence's Oscars Stage Antics


When the actress hit the stage to present the Best Actor award, she went off script, looking into the crowd, saying, “Why are you laughing? What, is this funny? I’m still watching you!”

It turns out, the actress was talking to fellow Oscar winner Jared Leto, who was in the audience laughing with…

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@TheEllenShow: Backstage at the #Oscars with Jennifer Lawrence, @KerryWashington and Glenn Close

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Pretty please with cherries on top go follow my other account! It’s a multi fandom account with emphasis on Helena Bonham Carter and Once Upon a Time

The URL which I was not smart enough to put in this is onceuponahelenaist.tumblr.com

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tiger-and-shark whispered: Hey Where's is the gif of Jen pulling a knife from? Love your blog x

It’s from Saturday Night Live :) and thank you so much!

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greatlyforgotten whispered: can i have the link to the deleted scenes?

What deleted scenes?

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